For Dogs

Our Dog Boarding Kennels are sized and equipped to deal with dogs in all sizes and breeds.Melbourne Dog Boarding Kennels
Your dog will be accommodated in an individual run, the size of the run is determined by the size and requirements of your pet.
There is a separate sleeping compartment at one end. Two or three dogs from the same household can be housed together in one of our larger runs so that best friends are not separated.
Comfortable stretcher beds are provided that are made of a flea-proof fabric, different sizes and heights are available for your individual pet’s need.
Blankets and other forms of bedding are also supplied, alternatively they can bring their own mattress or blankets, however we don’t allow bean bags.

Heat Pads

To make your dogs stay more comfortable – especially for those used to sleeping on the end of your bed, we have electric heat pads available to hire for a small extra cost (Currently $2 per day).


Our exercise areas look out on to large grassed and treed areas.Jul 31 Bella Rusty and Rocko
The areas all have natural shade or shade sails installed to protect them from the sun.
Dogs are exercised alone or in a small group, depending on the compatibility of those in the kennels.
Great care is taken to match suitable playmates,  your dogs’ safety is of paramount importance to us.
We aim for all dogs to have a minimum of 3 hours a day in an exercise yard even during our peak periods.  Outside of these times they will have from 3 to 5 hours a day.  This is all included as part of the standard boarding charges.

The only exception to this is when weather does not permit, but even so all dogs will be out at some stage during the day even if we need to put them back and let them out again!

Nature walks and play time sessions can be purchased as an extra service, starting at only $10 for one dog, discounts for up to 3 dogs walked together.

Human Contact


Because “your pets are our pets” ample human contact is readily provided by our experienced carers in the form of pats, cuddles and talking to them.
Time-consuming yes, but the dogs love it.


All dogs staying with us for six or more days receive a complimentary hydro bath.  Long coated breeds or matted dogs are excluded or an extra charge may occur if required.  You may purchase a bath for shorter stays, from $15.00


Dogs are fed on a high performance dry food and 4 Legs chunky chicken and rice.
Older dogs are fed a “special care” dry food specially formulated for their digestive systems.
Puppies are also catered for with a high protein diet. Twice daily feeding is provided if needed for all dogs.
Dogs with special dietary or medication requirements can be accommodated.
Alternatively, you are welcome to bring their usual food from home along with them.


We have a very strict policy regarding vaccinations. Evidence of a C5 vaccination within the last 12 months is required before admission. If your dog has not had a C5 vaccination (which includes Canine Cough coverage) we recommend that it be done at least 14 days prior to coming into the kennels.
However, you should consult your vet as full inoculation can take up to 6 weeks to achieve in some circumstances.
We make this request for the health and safety of your pet and others.